Jeffrey L. Schult

I have always been drawn to the absolute beauty of nature which always to me conveys the peace and joy of the Almighty.   I use many colors and varying hues in my paintings.  I add colors that the eye can’t always see individually in the blades of grass, the clouds or sky but are part of the make up of nature and blend to make for a richer feeling.

I paint primarily in acrylic.  I use traditional techniques such as brushes, knives, sponges, rags, fingers, and any others that may present themself in the creative process.

I majored in music and taught as well and have written 8 symphonies and hundreds of songs but my painting education came from studying the artists that I found inspiring from the masters to those contemporaries of today’s art scene. I am basically self taught in that sense but learned from those who walked the path before me or beside me.  I have been painting since the age of 6. 

I believe all have God given talents that are just waiting to be discovered.  I paint from memories and photos of scenes I have visited or from inspiration found in the world of imagery.  I paint to evoke a feeling of beauty, peace, wonderment, or just a moment to reflect on the wonderful world of nature which reflects God and his universe with its lasting impact on us all.

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